.At American Security Services, years of experience in security, the armed services and law enforcement were enjoined to form our management team. Extensive analysis has been conducted to determine where the industry is at...and where it's headed. Sadly, with the high cost of payroll in security, and the reluctance of companies to pay reasonable wages, the quality of the officer on post has diminished tremendously. Vulnerable to minimum wages, teens and senior citizens are placed in these high visibility positions - and, you the client, suffer as a result.

As "problems" once inherent only to the largest cities migrate to Oklahoma, our tax based economic system is stretched to the limit. Police departments are undermanned and overworked. With few exceptions, security companies - to remain solvent - have been providing sub-standard service. Those who are offering "acceptable" service, do so by performing without license, liability insurance, or at the expense of their personnel. Never before has the cliché, "You get what you pay for" been more valid. Perhaps more appropriately, what you don't pay for! I, for one, am not content with the flaw being the fact. We’ve developed a program to offer quality personnel providing quality service. You see, good security is not the "Rambo" image that has surfaced of late. Good security is good public relations. Our goal is to enhance your business, not chase your customers off. That is the foundation of our company - quality people, receiving quality training and support, to provide quality service.

We don't promise to be the cheapest service you will consider. But, we do promise to earn your trust and confidence, performing a service to you at reasonable rates. Don't be reluctant to share your concerns and problem areas. We will evaluate existing precautions and provide sound solutions for professional and reliable service, based upon your specific needs.

We’re very proud of the talent in our company, a team without equal in Oklahoma. They are anxious to meet and work with you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

Karlen J. Watson
Acting Director