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Messages are taken live - calls answered with your company name or other information. Or, service can combine the best of automated call processing with live answering services.

With our paperless system, each message is typed on computer for quick access and archiving. Calls can be routinely stored for 60 days; or indefinitely as needed.

Dedicate to Customer Care

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. We cannot stress enough the importance of communication between you, the customer, and the management team at American. Dissatisfaction and frequent changes in service provider of choice seem almost inherent to our industry. We continually aspire to "grow old together" with our valued clients.

Quality customer care doesn’t just happen. We must continually refine and re-engineer our procedures and practices to ensure meeting our clients’ expectations. Our ongoing investment in education and staff development plays a vital role in attaining the quality for which we’re noted. We encourage our front-line reps to take initiative and be proactive on issues that affect service.

Your One-Stop Communications Source

Operations must be customer-focused, looking at everything we do from the customer’s perspective - then using a variety of methods to gauge our effectiveness, such as external quality assurance, benchmarking, daily spot-checks, written and verbal surveys conducted by the customer are staff, and consensus-based management initiatives - all to ensure our service remains at a high level.

We understand how tough it is to keep up with all the changes in regulation and technology. As trusted communications providers, American can act as your "telco interpreter", helping to remain abreast of those changes. You have the ability to hand off the hassles to a trusted expert. In turn, you receive reliable advice and great service at reasonable rates.

Our service includes your choice of several message retrieval methods:

  • A simple call-in to our message center.
  • Fax delivery directly to your office - on demand or at a designated time.
  • Text messages delivered to your alphanumeric pager.
  • One of our friendly operators can call you for personal delivery.

...the ANSWER you’ve been searching for!

Karlen Watson
Director of Administration